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MONDAY, MAY 13, 2024


We celebrated Mother’s Day and Holy Communion on Sunday. We were grateful for our guest soloist, Reese Hawkins. Pastor Steve’s message was “Whatever the Hardship, Keep Rising Up!” It was based on part of Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians as told by Dr. Tom Boomershine. If you would like to watch the service, click here for the Grace Church Dayton channel of YouTube.

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Many thanks are due to Rex Huselton for reestablishing the practice of displaying artwork on the walls of Grace. The “Grace Galleria” (AKA Madonna Hallway) will display works from local artists. These works may be purchased by contacting the artist or Rex (huseltonrex@gmail.com). It is delightful that this tradition has been revived! Be sure to take a look!

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Next Sunday, May 19, is Pentecost. This day remembers when the disciples received the Holy Spirit, which appeared like tongues of flame above their heads. Susan Nordyke has found banners symbolic of this event, and we need volunteers to carry them into the Sanctuary at the beginning of worship. If you are able and willing, please let Susan know (slnordyke@att.net).

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