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Want to help our community to grow? As a volunteer at the Salem Garden, you can grow food for your household and your community. The address is 424-426 Salem Ave., next to the Rally’s Drive-Through at Salem and Grand Ave. More than half of the produce goes to local food programs. For more information contact larry.d.ramey@gmail.com

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We recently received this letter from Ryan Vallo, former Grace Choir member, actor, historian, and writer. He is working on a project on President Harry Truman and is seeking financial support. Here’s what he says:

Hello Everyone of Grace Church,

It’s been some time since singing with you all. Hope you and your families are well.

After achieving a master’s in history at the University of Edinburgh, I’m currently residing in the UK to make headway among the entertainment industry’s period drama film and TV production companies in London.

Although some years have passed since singing with you, I’m reaching out regarding a fundraiser for research at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library in Kansas City, Missouri. Would you consider contributing to this Harry Truman Research Grant, to help fund research costs at the Truman Library for this TV drama series? My entertainment attorney will be visiting the Truman Library to peruse their archives. This research grant funds these costs.

I’m grateful for all the time singing with you over the years. Furthermore, I’m thankful for your encouragement to help bring the story of America’s 33rd President to today’s audiences at this critical time for our world.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. Wishing you well.




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One suggestion of things to do listed in the last chapter of The Color of Compromise is to go on a pilgrimage to a relevant site. One such opportunity is the “Love Your Neighbor” tour this fall, sponsored by All In Community of the West Ohio Conference. It will be at the Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Alabama, from September 24-27. Here is more information.

This event, inspired by the Bishop’s Leadership Summit with Bryan Stevenson, is designed to educate, see and reflect how dominant world views have been formed over time, and see the world through the eyes of our indigenous and black brothers and sisters in Christ.

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